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Savoury Days Kitchen Howto-Style 2016-12-21 - 13:46:45

"(English & Tiếng Việt) The easiest recipe that gives you BUTTER COOKIES which taste just like the Danish cookies in the blue tin. * My other COOKIES video tutorials: 1. SAKURA COOKIES: 2. COCONUT MACAROONS: 3. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES * INGREDIENTS 113 g unsalted butter, very soft but not melted 1 egg white (30 - 33 gram) - at room temperature 65 g icing sugar 4 ml (3/4 tsp) vanilla extract 155 g all purpose flour * Notes 1. Use the best butter that you can find as the quality of the butter will define the taste of the cookies. 2. Measure the egg white carefully. Too large egg white (large than 35 gram) will result in firm and hard cookies. 3. Dont use granulated sugar instead of icing sugar because it may not dissolve completely in the dough and it may result in cookies with a lot of tiny holes on the surface. 4. Use all purpose flour (10.5% - 11% protein). Bread flour gives hard cookies while cake flour makes cookies that are a bit too crumbly. 5. To make other flavours: - Substitute 5 gram flour with 5 gram green tea powder to have green tea cookie - Add cinnamon powder, ginger powder, lemon zest to give the cookies a winter touch. - For chocolate flavour, you may need to add 10 - 15 gram cocoa powder and deduct 15 - 20 gram flour from the total amount of flour in the recipe (cocoa powder will make the dough drier so its better to take some flour out). ----------- Mời các bạn xem công thức với danh sách nguyên liệu đầy đủ và các lưu ý khi làm bánh, cách làm bánh với các mùi vị khác nhau tại: ----------- MUSIC: Midday Dance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:"

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