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Printmaking using Plaster of Paris -- No press or paper required!

Diode Press Howto-Style 2014-04-14 - 00:16:49

"Leave a comment or question down below, Id love to hear what you think! Dont forget to subscribe to keep up with new projects. This video demos how I make a plaster print using a copper plate mezzotint, ink, and plaster. Ive come across this method over the years in various articles and word of mouth, and Id definitely recommend giving it a try! This works with linocuts, etchings, aquatint, or even woodcuts (if you seal the wood first), and requires no press, Barens, or even paper! Id test it out on an old plate before trying it on something you care about, in case it does not work out how youd expect or damages the printing matrix. Materials I used in this project: Printing matrix (mezzotint plate in this case) Plaster of Paris Plexiglass sheet (as base of mold) -- any smooth plastic should work... Wire meshing Plastic drop cloth Bucket to mix plaster Dust mask Gloves ½ tall wood strips glue gun nails/hammer picture hanging wire printing ink I used a mezzotint plate for the image, if youd like to see a video about that, I have one here...Mezzotint basics video: For last weeks video: Isaac Asimovs Three Laws of Robotics - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▼SUBSCRIBE! ▼Want to support Diode Press? Behind the scenes photos, exclusive content and more... ▼Viewer Mail: Graham Stephens c/o Fantastic Factory 2811 N Pine Grove Ave, Floor 1 Chicago, IL 60657 ▼You can purchase my work here: You can always find me here: ▼Twitter: ▼Website: ▼Tumblr: ▼Instagram: ▼Facebook: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music in this video: Jazz_In_Paris , Camaguey,Blue_Break - downloaded from the YouTube audio library. Artwork by Graham Stephens, 2015."

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