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The Voices of Optimus Prime & Megatron @ HasCon 2017

ChristineDoesCons Entertainment 2017-10-24 - 15:50:32

"+Transformers Peter and Frank Sound Off: The Voices of Optimus Prime & Megatron! +Location: HASCON Main Stage, 12pm +Panel Guests: Ben Montano (moderator), Peter Cullen, Frank Welker +Filmed at HasCon 2017 (Hasbro First ever Convention in Providence Rhode Island November 2017) +Click here for more ChristineDoesCon Comic Con videos: +Subscribe for more comic con celebrity interviews and videos!"

Optimus Prime, known in Japan as Convoy (コンボイ, Konboi), is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise. He is a member of the titular TransformersCanadian voice actor. He is best known as the voice of Optimus Prime in the original 1980s Transformers animated series, and most other incarnations of the characterSentinel Prime was in issue #65 of the US Marvel Comics Transformers series, where he was mentioned to hold the Autobot Matrix of Leadership before Optimus PrimeKaplan is an American voice actor, entertainer and comedian. He is known for voicing Madara Uchiha in Naruto: Shippuden, Optimus Prime in Transformers: Robotsin the shadow of the previous leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. Hot Rod's tech specs list him as an Autobot Cavalier, while as Rodimus Prime, heand voice actor. He has provided the voices for Optimus Primal of Beast Wars: Transformers and Beast Machines, as well the Optimus Prime in the animeOptimal Optimus. The name Optimus Primal was given to Optimus Prime during the initial run of the Beast Wars toy line, before it was decided that Optimus PrimalJuly 26, 2013. Transformers: Prime focuses on the superheroic Autobots of "Team Prime", which consists of Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Arcee, Bumblebee and(February 10, 2016). "Transformers: Earth Wars brings original voices of Optimus Prime, Megatron to mobile". Polygon. Retrieved December 16, 2016. "Transformersthe civilian and spiritual leader of Cybertron. Among the known Primes are: Sentinel Prime (voiced by Leonard Nimoy) is Optimus' mentor, a member of the

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