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Comcast Interview with Rosa Salazaar and Keean Johnson from SXSW about Movie Alita: Battle Angel

Alita Battle Angel Entertainment 2018-03-11 - 22:19:41

"#ComcastSXSW interview Rosa Salazaar and Keean Johnson about the live action movie Alita: Battle Angel. Questions 0:40 Describe the set? 1:34 What is the Movie about/based on? 2:29 Tell us about Hugo... 2:59 Did you find out about yourself? 3:19 Tell us about the motion capture... 5:58 What was it like working with James Camerons script? 8:20 How did Keean get involved with this project from the theater world? 9:18 Was James Cameron ever on set? 10:20 Talk about the importance of a strong female character... 11:30 Talk about your feeling of doing sequels... 12:10 What message do you hope people will get from this movie? 13:38 Anything you want to share about Robert Rodriguez? 13:54 What can you tell us about Christoph Waltz? repost from facebook -"

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