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1 HOUR of K 391 The best songs (Ultramix) [FULL HD] 2013

Spektro Music Music 2013-10-20 - 16:26:23

"MY EXTENSION :D So youll always get noticed when i release a new mix!! Works on Firefox and Chrome :) I thank you all for your support :D This is my first live mix! Basically i put together lots of K-391s songs. If you like what i do and if you like this song remix please leave a like and a comment. It REALLY helps me out. It took a long time to make, export and upload this video so if you really liked this video (as i said before) please leave a like and SUBSCRIBE!! LIST OF SONGS: ►0:00-This is felicitas ►4:40-Boombox ►9:00-Journey ►12:35-Chord of Life ►16:34-Electro House ►20:15-Sky City ►23:41-Allstars ►27:40-Electrode ►31:50-Fantastic ►35:21-Leaving the Lights ►38:08-Madagascar ►42:10-Rypejakten ►45:42-Crazy Bass ►50:28-Briemlek ►53:58- Dollardåsene ►57:38-Spare (K-391 Remix) A few of the transitions between a song and another (especially at 57:38) were a little harsh... ▷ALL ORIGINAL TRACKS ARE MADE BY K-391 ▷Check him out here:"

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