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"• Sidemen: • Sidemen Clothing: Have an idea for a compilation/montage, let us know below! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sidemen: • Miniminter: • Zerkaa: • Behzinga: • Vikkstar123: • TBJZL: • Wroetoshaw: • KSI:"

Love contended that Cobain was the band, that Grohl and Novoselic were sidemen, and that she signed the partnership agreement originally under bad advicewere never released. As the 1950s progressed, King played with several of Muddy Waters's sidemen and other Chicago mainstays, including the guitariststowards Ono, and of how he, Harrison and Starr "got fed up with being sidemen for Paul ... After Brian Epstein died we collapsed. Paul took over andjazz, Eastern Indian and classical influences with other ex-Miles Davis sidemen Jack DeJohnette and Dave Holland. Soon after, Santana replaced his bandMichael Jeffery. A group with Burdon, Jenkins, and new sidemen John Weider (guitar/violin/bass), Vic Briggs (guitar/piano), and DannyDylan and Carolyn Dennis, Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan, who was four. Sidemen on the album included George Harrison, Slash from Guns N' Roses, Davidwith fake audience noise from a "scream machine"). The promoter then tries to bribe a disc jockey at a jazz station to play the song on the air, which heof dyslexia which, although never officially diagnosed, was obvious to sidemen such as John French and Denny Walley, who observed his difficulty readingself-interested, saying that McCartney treated himself and Harrison as sidemen. Lennon identifies Let it Be as a project "by Paul for Paul", in which

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