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Willie Nelson - Henningshoek Seties

Jan Tak Music 2011-12-03 - 08:22:58

"If you are from the USA I bet you have never heard Willie Nelson like this :) That is because his South African namesake is actually a concertina player -- and a darn good one to boot. So, now that we have cleared up the confusion surrounding Willie, here is another one: This tune appears on the CD As die Oulande Blom (When the old land is in bloom), by Willie Nelson. According to the CD it is called the Henningshoek Seties and it is written by Hendrik Lotter. Now the same tune also appears under the same name on another CD I have from Die Twee Ooms (The Two Old Guys), which is Gertjie Claassen and Hendrik Lotter. So far, so good. Now in the 1980s I recorded the same tune from a radio program in South Africa. According what I wrote on the tape, the radio commentator announced the song as the Cradock Setees by the Vier Ooms (Four Old Guys). It took me a while to realize that this recording was identical to the Henningshoek Setees by the Twee Ooms, but when I did the answer was clear - either the radio announcer was wrong, or I made a mistake writing down the name of the group. That left the name change of the song itself. Since I own several other recordings by other groups of the same tune (each time called the Cradock Setees) the only logical explanation was that Hendrik Lotter wrote the song and called it the Henningshoek Setees, but then other bands renamed it to the Cradock Setees -- something which happened frequently in them good ol days. This explanation made even more sense when I discovered that there is a farm called Henninghshoek (note the spelling) close to Cradock, as boeremusiek bands often referred to farms when naming their tunes. Just when I had it all figured out, disaster struck. According to, Gertjie Claassen and Hendrik Lotter did in fact issue a vinyl album called Die Twee Ooms, but this album contained both the Cradock Setees (side 1) and the Henningshoek Setees (side 2), both played by Hendrik Lotter. (Afrikaans) (English via Google Translate) To make matters worse, the CD I have from the Twee Ooms contains some of the songs which appear on the vinyl album, but also omits some and then adds quite a few more. Also, it does contain the Henningshoek Setees, but not the Cradock Setees. By now I started foaming around the mouth, but wait -- it gets even better: The CD contains a song called Tant Antjie Ruik na Gom (Aunt Antjie smells like glue), also called the Plattoon Polka (Flat Toe Polka) in the old days -- except it is NOT that tune. It does however contain a cut called Oom Gertjie se Mazurka (Uncle Gertjies Mazurka), which (you guessed it!) is actually the REAL Tant Antjie Ruik na Gom / Platton Polka. Now add to that the many spellings of Settees, Setees, or Seties -- which means Schottische. AAAARRRGH But all jokes aside, such are the travails awaiting Boeremusiek collectors in figuring out the history of boeremusiek. I post this beautiful tune in the forlorn hope that someone out there can shed some light on this royal mess. Oh and before I forget, here is another version of the Cradock Setees already on YouTube: And the Cradock Setees by the 2/4 Old Guys (copied from radio):"

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