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I Wore Platform Crocs For A Week

Safiya Nygaard People-Blogs 2018-04-22 - 00:44:59

"So a few months ago I saw these wild shoes online - and thought instantly that we had to try them out for our ~questionable fashion decision~ series! So I got these Balenciaga Platform Crocs and wore them around for a week, just to see if they could be styled and generally how crazy they were! What do you think? Would you dare try the platform croc? This video is NOT sponsored! Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! Safiyas Nextbeat: IG: Twitter: Facebook: Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley Music Mind The Gap Top Banana Peanut Man Gypsy Sailor Spy via Audio Network Images via Getty Images SFX Via Audioblocks"

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