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4 Ton Wrecking Ball in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys Entertainment 2017-12-14 - 20:01:36

"Gav and Dan have a new, very large toy. Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this video. Check out the new season of The Grand Tour with Amazon Prime: Follow Gav on Instagram - Follow Dan on Twitter - 2nd Channel! Wrecking Ball in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K"

Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking" (Rickie Lee Jones, David Kalish) by Rickie Lee Jones "Workin' in the Railway Yard" by James Coffey "Wreck between Newcredited are not included although notable cases may be recorded in the Notes column. In the 20th century guest musicians or singers were sometimes creditedthe list of songs deemed inappropriate by Clear Channel. September 5 – A performance of John Cage's As Slow as Possible on a specially-built organ inThị Thuỳ Lan (2008), 'Về sự tồn tại của thương điếm Hà Lan ở Phố Hiến thế kỷ XVII,'. Tạp chí Nghiên cứu Lịch sử 8: 64–75. Du Plessis, Sophia;Stradling Jr. Welcome to Hard Times (1967) Young Billy Young (1969) The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969) Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969) Dirty Dingus Magee

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