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How Ridiculous Sports 2018-07-12 - 22:00:00

"How many concrete pavers can it get through? SUBSCRIBE ➤ BUY NEW MERCH ➤ SOCIALS Instagram ➤ (@HowRidiculous): Facebook ➤ Twitter ➤ (@howridiculous): We are passionate about seeing children released from poverty and we would love you to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion. We visited our sponsor children in the Philippines and were blown away by the difference that child sponsorship can make. To find out more about sponsoring a child right now, check out: Whats the 44 Club you may ask? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scotts fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. Weve even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, thats the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time. A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, its not far from Perth. Western Australia. Youll notice all the water bombs in the area below the tower, well its because you can drop your own when you visit! Find out more at For Business or Media Inquiries: For Licensing Inquiries: For online use, you may embed this YouTube video - for usage in other players please contact us for permission. © Copyright 2018 How Ridiculous"

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