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Studio 7 singers nag-perform sa GMA-7 Christmas Party for the Press 2018

Pinoy Parazzo Entertainment 2018-12-07 - 11:24:55

"Biritan to the max!"

Philippine Star. Retrieved January 31, 2012. "GMA-7's "Spooky Nights" continues its horror Christmas features this Saturday". GMA Network. December 9January 2018. "GMA-7's morning show "Unang Hirit" introduces new segments". Retrieved 12 January 2018. "Jolina, gustong magbalik sa 'Unang Hirit'"numbers with different OPM singers and several international singers each week. Broadway Singer Citizens: Celebrity Edition Years: 2018 It is a singing contestset the bar high for female singers of her generation with the multi-platinum success of her solo albums in the mid-2000s." Yugel Losorata of The Philippine

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