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My Instagram Followers Control My Slime! Pick My Slime Ingredients!

Cheeksxo3 Howto-Style 2018-06-15 - 21:30:00

"➳ Hello everyone! In this video, I let my instagram followers control my slime! You guys got to pick my slime ingredients for me! This was a lot of fun! Thanks for voting on my polls and I hope you enjoy this! Inspired by: AndreaxAndrea ➳ Previous video: MY SLIME SHOP: VLOG CHANNEL: _________________________ ➳ Subscribe for more videos! Hit that notification bell to get notified when I upload! _______________________ Slime Playlist: ________________________ ➳ MY SOCIAL MEDIA! ⇣ ❤ Instagram: @sandeecheek Slime: @pixiecheek For business inquiries: _______________________ ➳ Disclaimer: It aint no sponsored video."

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