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Why Everyone is a Casey Neistat Rip Off Artist

Dara Tah Entertainment 2017-03-24 - 14:46:08

"Subscribe for more videos! Its hard to be original on YouTube. I and many others have noticed there are many people taking inspiration from Casey Neistat and in some cases flat out copying him. Looking back on some older footage I realised I was the exact same.. I was a cringey Casey Neistat rip off artist copy cat.. and without even being aware of it. This video takes a look at inspiration vs plagiarism, and maybe will push others to striving for originality.Thats my thesis anyways. Enjoy! Hi, Im Dara from Ireland and I make vlogs from my backpacking adventures that brought me to the USA (Rhode Island, Boston, New York), Mexico (where I motorbiked across the country), and Europe (Italy, Belgium, Spain) before coming home to the Irish. Dara Tah Social Links: Instagram:"

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