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The Reel Rejects Entertainment 2018-07-25 - 01:27:33

"Boy was this a lot to absorb! Heres our REACTION bill wurtz HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! #BillWurtz Become A Patron-O-Ject Supporter For Full Length T.V. Show REACTIONS & Q&AS!!! DOWNLOAD & FOLLOW US on the STARDUST APP: Original Video: Follow TheReelRejects On FACEBOOK, TWITTER, & INSTAGRAM: FB: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Follow GREG On INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Follow JOHN HUMPHREY On INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: Twitter: Instagram: PLAYLISTS: Trailer Reactions & Reviews: Movie Reviews: Movie Talk (News, Spoiler Reviews, & Film Rumors!!!): Youtube Video Reactions & Discussions: Sketches & Short Films: Vlog:"

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