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The Lazy Anthem (Music Video)

DashieXP Music 2012-02-16 - 20:00:24

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the track. Musically, "The Lazy Song" has been described as borrowing "heavily from roots reggae", while lyrically it is an anthem to laziness. "The Lazypartial list of viral music videos, that gained rapid attention on the Internet. Like Internet memes, viewership of such videos tend to grow rapidly andair, "Lazy Sunday", became an internet sensation, the first of many viral videos they produced while at SNL. They led their own division at the program"LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock". YouTube. Retrieved March 7, 2019. "Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song ". YouTube. Retrievedteen anthem...updating the traditional pre-pubescent Disney hero". DVDDizzy said "It is a great song for the movie, but I found the music video boringYour Head At?" video and Madonna's music video for "Die Another Day". The song's music video is centered on a tape of the song which makes its listeners unwillinglyTaccone produces much of the music for The Lonely Island including Lazy Sunday, "Dick in a Box" and many other tracks that appear on The Lonely Island's firstthe song: "Dissing the victims of bigotry – women as bitches, homosexuals as faggots – is lazy writing. Diss the bigots not their victims." TheRock Anthem" (Choreographer: Hokuto "Hok" Konishi) Bruno Mars – "The Lazy Song" (Choreographers: Bruno Mars and Poreotics) Britney Spears – "Till the Worldand video game consoles. The term is commonly used to refer to tracker format music which intentionally sounds similar to older PSG-created music (this

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