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How To Lose Your Voice | 4 Easy Ways!

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"How to lose your voice! Subscribe: Hello boys and girls. If you watch my videos then chances are you make a lot of bad decisions. In this video. Im going to be showing you how to lose your voice, which is probably a very good decision for you considering the fact that nobody wants to hear you speak anyways. Lets talk about how to lose your voice. I wont show you how to lose your voice in 5 minutes or how to lose your voice in 10 seconds, but it will happen at least in a day or so. some if these methods will show you how to lose your voice fast without screaming. Method 1: Dehydration This first method Im going to share with you is the dehydration method. Its exactly what it sounds like. Dont drink any water. Make yourself dehydrated. Singers, speakers, before they go onstage, they always drink a glass of water. A lot of them take the water on stage with them because it helps ease their vocal chords. So dont drink any water. Youll start to sound like a pathetic guy who needs a drink of water. Method 2: Open Mouth Another way to dry out your throat so you lose your voice is to leave your mouth open. Some of you probably do that already so this shouldnt be hard for you. When you go to sleep, sleep with your mouth open. Theres going to be a little bit of drool but your throat will dry out. If you can kind of make yourself look natural with your mouth open throughout the day, go for it and dont make eye contact with anyone while you have your mouth open cause you will definitely look like a creep. Method 3: Noise This next method is pretty obvious. Yell, talk, scream, okay. Wherever you can use your voice, dont give your vocal chords a rest. You ever been at a soccer game, a football game, a baseball game and youre yelling your heart out and then you realize after its over that you cant speak? Or you were partying too hard one night and just cheering your way through several kegs of beer and then you cant talk the next day? Yeah, you keep that up, youll definitely lose your voice. Method 4: Dairy and Acidic Liquids This final method Ill share with you here on how to lose your voice is to consume dairy and acidic liquids, things like lemon, vinegar and milk, those things increase the amount of phlegm in your throat. In fact if you take a shot of apple cider vinegar, thats going to pretty much get you coughing right away and it could very well help you lose your voice. Dont say I didnt warn you! Well boys and girls, now you know how to lose your voice in one day. If you want to know how to lose your voice for a week, do these things daily, i guess. Your voice may be gone now but you can still click on that subscribe button. Lets make some bad decisions together. Ill see you guys in the next video. Peace! Queries Of The Interweb (QOTI) © Joel Kawira, LLC Music: Light Background - The Sixth Gate Music (Courtesy of WeVideo Music Library) Check Out My Channel: Check Out My Other Channel: How to lose your voice: Related Video: Hypnosis - Lose Your Voice -"

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