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a very (un)helpful guide to the boyz

kyuowo People-Blogs 2018-05-19 - 09:52:54

"Hey, this is the first time Ive tried video editting so I do apologize if the quality is terrible If you want me to make a guide for other groups, feel free to comment down below and I will consider it !! ( Im a multifandom but I only stan boy groups [ note: it doesnt mean I hate girl groups ] so I would prefer if it was a boy group because I would know them a lot better ) PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO ◇─◇──◇────◇────◇────◇────◇ check out my instagram !! @kyeopttae -"

always looking for the next riddle to solve, leaving him restless in mundane situations. His attention to detail seems to be helpful when solving mysteries

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