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VENTUNO ART Howto-Style 2018-01-04 - 12:00:14

"Check out easiest DIY projects of all time. Watch more: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe Youtube: Love DIYs? But never find enough time to do it or feel everything is complicated? Dont worry we have got you covered in Ventuno Art. These DIYs are sure to make your home colorful and bright. 1. Color pencil coaster Cut the end of color pencils to a length of 2 cms. Cut several color pencils in the same length. Cut a circular cardboard for the base of the coaster. Apply glue to the cardboard and stick your color pencil bits in a circular fashion. Let it dry for 3-4 hours. Your colorful DIY coaster is ready. 2. Sticky Note Garland Take your favorite color sticky note and fold it in the shape of an open cone and insert a string through the open end of the cone. Now fold the open end of the cone securing the string inside it. Make more sticky note cone in a similar way. Now flip the string and hang the DIY colorful sticky note garland in your room to make it more colorful. 3. Popsicle stick Bracelet Take a few popsicle stick and soak it in hot water for 15 minutes. Now take a small-mouthed mason jar and bend the popsicle stick to fit in the mouth of the mason jar and let it dry. Take out the popsicle stick carefully. Choose your favorite washi tape and stick on the washi tape around the popsicle stick to create a pattern. Cut the edges of the sticky tape to form a smooth semi-circle around the popsicle stick. Your DIY popsicle bracelet is ready to adorn your hands. 4. Valentine yarn hearts Cut two heart shapes (one bigger and one smaller) in a cardboard. Now wrap the colorful strings around the heart-shaped cardboard. You can secure the first string with a tape if you prefer. Wrap the string around till you form a full bouncy heart shape. Insert the last string piece around the other strings and tie a knot to secure it. 5. Easy envelope Take a square cardboard 20cm*20cm and mark the markings as shown in the video. Now take a ruler and fold the sides to create a crease. Now fold the opposite sides of the squares together and form an envelope. You can stick the open end with any sticker to close the envelope. 6. Paper water lilies Take a crepe paper with measurements of 7cm*2.5cm. Cut one end of the paper to form a dome shape. Cut a slit in the other end of the paper. Now bring the two open ends of the slit together to form the shape of the petal. Cut a small circular cardstock and stick the petals in a circular fashion. You can stick how many ever petals you want depending on the volume you want for the water Lilly. Take a contrast color crepe paper and cut it into small strips and stick it in the middle of the flower to form the pollen of the flower. Your DIY water Lilly is now ready. 7. Crystal hearts Take 3 cups of hot water in a mason jar or any tall jar and add about 9 tablespoons of borax. Stir well till the borax dissolves completely to form a solution. Now take a pipe cleaner and bend it in the shape of a heart and tie it to a string. Now dip the heart in the borax solution and leave it undisturbed for 3-4 hours. Let the crystals form in the heart shape. Take out the pipe cleaner carefully and your DIY crystal heart is ready to bedazzle."

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