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DIY Jewellery Box

VENTUNO ART Howto-Style 2017-09-14 - 11:30:00

"#Paperbox #Papercraft #homedecorideas DIY JEWELLERY BOX Buy scissors – Buy metal wire – Watch more: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe Youtube: Method: 1. Take two empty matchboxes and remove the upper cover. 2. Paste the two together by applying glue on one side and holding them together until they dry. Once dry, paint the inside white. 3. Now, take the outer covers, and cut it along the edge at one side as shown. 4. Now, cut off along the second crease line caused by the folding. 5. Now, paste the two covers together using some white tape. 6. Now, cut 2 pieces of card of the size of the stuck together match box covers. 7. Apply some strong adhesive on one side of the cardboard and stick them on the front and back of the matchbox covers. 8. Make three more of these and stick them together, one on top of the other. 9. Stick white tape on each layer to hide the color of the match box and sticking of two matchboxes together. 10. Now, apply white paper on the corners to cover the paper tape. 11. Cut two pieces of patterned cardboard paper for the side of the cupboard. Cut one for the backside and one slightly bigger for the top as well. (Note: Take the size of the pieces based on the size of the matchbox cupboard) 12. Stick the pieces in their places. 13. Now, cut four pieces of the patterned cardboard paper, slightly bigger than the width and height of the matchstick boxes stuck together. 14. Make two holes in the center using a divider. Insert one end of a metal string through one hold. Insert a pearl or bead inside the other end of the string, then insert it into the other hole. 15. Hold the two pieces of the string together and twist them around, tightening it so the bead/pearl stays in place. 16. Cut off the excess string and paste a paper tape over the twisted strings to hold it in place. 17. Now, paste these pieces in the front of the pasted together (inside) pieces of the matchbox to form the drawers. 18. Insert each drawer inside the slots formed in the cupboard as shown. 19. Voila! Your jewellery box is ready. Tips: 1. You can use hot glue gun to stick the bead or pearl, but it may come off if pulled strongly. 2. You can use hot glue gun to paste the cardboard pieces. 3. If you don’t have patterned paper, you can use a plain cardboard and cover it up using a patterned paper. 4. The sizes depend on the size of the matchbox. So, if this is meant as a showpiece, use smaller matchboxes to make a miniature. However, use larger matchboxes to make the box if you intend to use it."

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