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An Interview with Daniel Synder

upinsmoketoke Sports 2010-04-07 - 16:34:50

"Talking with the ass clown owner of the Skins about recently acquiring Donovan McPuke in a trade. Yes Im bored & waiting for the season to start! Ha"

Retrieved April 25, 2018. Geoff Keighley, Amanda Mackay, Daniel Kayser. Call of Duty: Word at War interview. Event occurs at 18:42 — 20:23.Hey Paula was an American reality television series starring and co-produced by American television personality Paula Abdul that aired from June 28 toRock Band 3 (Flash video). Harmonix. 2010-09-13. Retrieved 2010-09-15. Synder, Mike (2010-06-09). "'Rock Band 3': Keyboards are the key". USA Today. Retrieved

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