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Signs Jordyn Woods Was Going To Betray The Kardashians

TheTrendy Entertainment 2019-02-21 - 22:18:40

"Here are some of the red flags some people missed when it comes to Jordyn Woods involvement with the Kardashians. Subscribe to our channel: Alexis Slifer Butcher @Alexis.Slifer Cheating with your best friend’s older sister’s boyfriend is pretty shady, and everyone seems so caught off guard. But lets take a look back at Jordyn Woods, and see if we can spot any red flags. Or maybe, she wanted out of the Kar-Jenner clan altogether. Kylie Jenner, and Jordyn Woods have been best friends and inseparable for about six years now. They met through Jaden Smith, in middle school because he and Jordyn were best friends (and claim to still be, until this weekend at least) he introduced Kylie and Jordyn to each other and the rest is history."

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