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SADHU BANI / ସାଧୁ ବାଣୀ SADHU BANI / ସାଧୁ ବାଣୀ

Published : 2017-12-12 - 14:29:16

"SADHU BANI / ସାଧୁ ବାଣୀ is an initiative to make people aware about Hindu scriptures and provide information on Hindu god rules and festivals. We provide information on complete Puja Procedure (Puja Vidhi) of any festivals. We also make people aware about Astrology and Vastu Shastra where we provide information about the astrological remedies. SADHU BANI / ସାଧୁ ବାଣୀ has large network of pandits and astrologers and always provide correct information."

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